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 DevilKnights guild rules

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DevilKnights guild rules Empty
PostSubject: DevilKnights guild rules   DevilKnights guild rules I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 11:18 pm

1. all memebers are to be respectful,disrepsecting another memeber due to; race,age,gender,weight,in game name or level,will not be tolerated.
2. there will be no begging for items,gold or help,ask least 3 times in guild chat,if no one replys,try to pm them once,still no reply then wait for the guild master to log in,if no one replys it could mean there afk or busy,no need to bug them constently.
3. all levels are welcomed to join DevilKnights,however only memebers of the guild can view this forum.
4.when joining the guild,you have to be active,if you need to be absent for a few days,please send a instant mail to the guild master or Admin,we will then place you on the absent list with the reason why you be gone,if you are absent over 2 weeks without nofity a admin or a GM,you will be exspelled from the guild with a mail sent to you as to why you been exspelled,anyone exspelled due to unactivty,are always welcomed to rejoin.
5. all memeber is given a 3-strike rule,if a Gm,or Admin tells you 3 times to stop what your doing(such as making a fuss over something stupid) they will have the right to kick you after giving you 3 warnings,bear this in mind.
6. leave all drama out of guild chat(such as agruments betwin another guild member) if you are going to fight,take it out in a field with swords,not in guild chat.
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DevilKnights guild rules
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