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 Guild Storage policy

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PostSubject: Guild Storage policy    Guild Storage policy  I_icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 11:39 pm

------------------------------------------what is guild storage?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Guild storage can be accessed by the Inn in Colhen,any item thats tradeable can be placed in there,to use a guild needs to have atleast 20 memebers,and any memeber inculding Gm's,Admins,and full members needs to buy a storage slot to use,each slot cost 7999 NX,once you buy 3 slots for 1 storage,a new storage is unlocked. storage numbers range from #1 to #7,and each storage has 3 slots. however there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Storage #1 is accessed by Admins and Guild master only.
2. taking items without permission will not be tolerated.
1. no one will be allowed to access Storage #1,however Storage # 2 - 7 will be allowed to be used by all members
2. its recommended you dont place exspensive items in guild storage # 2 -7,items such as worth alot of gold(Exsmaple is loka fang thats 150mil)
3. Storage #1 is for placing rare and exspensive items by anyone at any time,anything thats worth more then 300k gold can be placed here,however you need permission from the Guild master before it can be used,if the Guild master is online,you will either has to send the GM a mail notice or ask a Admin to message the GM,the Admin shall NOT withdraw a item for you unless the GM gives the approval,and you can only withdraw up to 5 items for Storage #1 a day.
4. using Storage #1 for trading/gifts; Storage #1 can also be used for trades and for gifts,a member may also ask for a item,however there will be certain ways before the Gm apporves this.
(1) if requesting to have a item belonging to another player,you need to ask that player first,then that member has to send a instent mail or a PM to prove that he/she has ur permission to take the item.
5. if a player takes a item out of any storage without asking permission,will be wrote up with 2 strikes,if that person returns the item 1 strike is given instead,if a player takes a item and leaves the guild,then u will be refunded,however,u will only be refunded up to 300k gold depending on the items worth,anything thats worth over 300k is strictly your own loss,thus i say this again with a warning,becareful what you place in the guild storage.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guild Storage #2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Guild storage will be avivable for all members,admins and the guild master,now and then the guild master will place free equips for everyone to use,but even so ask before you take the item.

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Guild Storage policy
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